Over the last few years, many new sponsors have come to the forefront as sports sponsors.  Companies that never considered sports marketing as a viable medium are using sports to get their message across.  UPS, Viagra, the U.S. Military and a host of other companies have learned that, today, sports sponsorship can increase their sales.

Buddy Lazier, the winner of the 1996 Indianapolis 500 Mile race, was sponsored by Delta Faucet, an Indiana based company. Delta Faucet received the equivalent of millions of dollars of international exposure before, during and after the race. For years to come, this company will be known as an Indy 500 winner and will bask in the glory of being the best.

The supreme racing series in the world is NASCAR. Started as a family business after World War II, this organization has grown steadily over the years by providing a host of "heroic" and beloved drivers, while also joining the major automobile manufacturers with a multitude of sponsors--bringing NASCAR drama and excitement to millions of fans who eagerly support favorite teams and sponsors. NASCAR is the motor sports sponsorship standard.

No matter what the venue, racing is fun, exciting and it often takes place on beautiful sunny days. The danger, drama, outdoors environment, added to the roar of engines, smell of hot dogs, burning fuel and screeching tires make motor sport an All-American pastime with a huge audience.

There is great interest in racing nationally and internationally.  The cost of such marketing exposure in any other advertising medium is often tens of times more expensive than the cost of having a logo visible on a race car.  Many companies base their marketing plans around their motor sport involvement because they know it can increase their sales.

Race car drivers are daring and heroic figures. Not only are they skilled drivers, but fans love their positive personalities and charisma.  People who like a particular driver will eagerly patronize the companies that put their logos on his race car and uniform.

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